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Media Kit - Video

Ryan Aasheim
Chief Business Development Officer

Greater Fargo Moorhead EDC

Jenna Currie-Mueller, Ph.D., Fargo Moorhead
West Fargo Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director • The FMWF Chamber Foundation

Leander R. McDonald, PhD


United Tribes Technical College

Dr. Hollie Mackey
Interim Chief Strategy Officer for the North Dakota Advanced Agriculture Technology Engine
Associate Professor of Educational and Organizational Leadership at 
North Dakota State University (NDSU)

Brian Carroll
Chief Innovation Officer for Emerging Prairie 
and co-founder of Grand Farm

Frank Casey, PhD
Associate Director

North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station

Sheridan McNeil
Director of Tribal Partnerships


William Aderholdt
Grand Farm

Media Kit - Social Graphics
NSF FARMS - FB Social Graphic.jpg

Facebook/LinkedIn Graphic

2400 × 1260

NSF-FARMS ScreenCloud.jpg

PowerPoint Slide/
General Use Graphic

1920× 1080

NSF FARMS PPT Header Hero.jpg

General Use Graphic (Horizontal)

1950 × 750

Media Kit - Email
NSF FARM Email Header.jpg

Email Header Graphic

2400 × 800

NSF FARM Email Footer.jpg

Email Footer Graphic

2400 × 450

Media Kit - Print
NSF FARM Print Header.jpg

Print Header Graphic

5000 × 938

NSF FARM Print Footer.jpg

Print Footer Graphic

5000 × 938

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