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What is FARMS?
Food systems Adapted for Resiliency and Maximized Security

Through AgTech innovations, FARMS holds the potential to improve how the nation produces food for the world. With many connection points to the project, everyone is invited to learn more and collaborate with the project.

A group of North Dakota ecosystem partners came together to accelerate innovation that solves food insecurity and cross-cultural engagement through Ag-Tech innovation. This group of core partners inspired stakeholders from across the region to create, collaborate, and accelerate a platform that engages intentional interactions, formalizes Ag-Tech innovation projects and investment, and solves real world food challenges, all centered on improving cross-cultural relationships across the state


Supported by the U. S. National Science Foundation

Launched by NSF Directorate for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships (TIP) and authorized by the "CHIPS and Science Act," the NSF Engines program uniquely harnesses the nation's science and technology research and development enterprise and regional-level resources. NSF Engines aspire to catalyze robust partnerships to positively impact the economy within a geographic region, address societal challenges, advance national competitiveness, and create local, high-wage jobs across the country. 

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