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Outcomes and Broader Impacts
Scientist in greenhouse

a New Wave of AgTech Leaders

By inspiring innovation, empowerment, and economic growth through mentorship, collaboration, and education.


WORKFORCE Goals/Objectives:

Build a diverse collaborative network (AgTech Knowledge Network) to inform, prepare and support AgTech Education and workforce development.

Interconnected fields

Our AgTech Ecosystem

By building an operational and thought leadership catalyst for the cultivation and implementation of next-generation community informed solutions for a sustainable future.

USE-INSPIRED R&D Goals/Objectives
Build an interdisciplinary, systems-based approach to R&D that will begin addressing stressors impacting food insecurity and provide access for underserved groups.

People in field discussing crop

AgTech Innovation

By embracing an inclusive approach, actively promoting trust and a diversity of perspectives, for innovation, preservation, and sustainability.

DEIA Goals/Objectives
Develop a collaborative framework that will optimize authentic inclusion in the engine for diverse communities to address food security challenges and pursue entrepreneurial activities.

Checking lettuce growth in greenhouse

Collaborative Partnerships
to Solve Food Insecurity

By engaging people, communities, industry, researchers, and developers, and leveraging AgTech as a catalyst for change within our region. Our focused efforts on local community needs create ripple effects that contribute to broader societal impacts, laying the groundwork for sustainable solutions in agriculture that resonate globally.

Implement a Collaboration Framework to synergize partnerships and recruit new and diverse organizations and groups to participate in FARMS. Implement new programs and activities to create opportunities for innovative collaborations.

Broader Impacts

The research and translation goals of FARMS are to:

  1. Develop and leverage regional expertise to solve agricultural-related challenges aligned with the top identified topic areas.

  2. Launch and sustain an innovation corridor that meaningfully engages and prioritizes all in the state, including Indigenous and small-farm communities, to grow and develop early-stage technology projects.

  3.  Generate more substantial investments, technology development, intellectual property activity, start-ups, and commercial activities to accelerate AgTech.

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